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ComponentOne Studio™ for .NET 2.0

ComponentOne Studio™ for .NET a fantastic tool for .NET users
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Studio for .NET adds over 45 controls to your Visual Studio toolbox, including grids, charting, reporting, scheduling, calendars, menus, toolbars, treeviews, tabs, inputs, editors, splitters, and more!
These controls not only fill the gap with what's missing in the standard toolkit, but they add more features, functionality, and better performance over their existing counterparts.

Features and Highlights:

- Bring the Windows Experience to the Web

The Windows experience is familiar to millions of users worldwide. With our highly-responsive, AJAX-enhanced components, you can deliver this familiar experience in any Web application and take your usability to a higher level.

- Cross-browser Compatibility

Save time and effort by using Studio for .NET components to ensure that your UI works in all standard browsers.
- Built-in Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Themes

All of our new components are packaged with new and improved themes based on the latest trends in UI design. The polished, professional look of the controls will make your applications stand out of the pack.
- Design with Ease: SmartTags, Editors, Wizards, and More

All of our components are built to include SmartTag support with access to designers and the most common properties. Our controls have been rated the highest in design time experience in the market. We strive to simplify your job as a developer and offer the tools to do just that.
- Deliver Rich Office-style UI's with Editor

ComponentOne Editor™ offers industry-best HTML editor experience with valuable preview, code, and split modes. We have created an editing experience that's easy enough for the novice user, yet comprehensive enough for the advanced developer.
- Slim Down Your Code by Using Production-ready GridView

Achieve full-featured, fully-functional data view right out of the box with ComponentOne GridView™. Just give the GridView control a DataSource and you've got: sorting, paging, grouping, dynamic scrolling, and more!
- Migrate from Microsoft Access and Crystal Reports

ComponentOne WebReports™ companion, the C1ReportDesigner application lets you create new reports from scratch or import existing ones from Microsoft Access and Crystal Reports. You don't have to be an expert to add Access-style database reports to your Web pages; no coding required!
- Create Stunning 2D and 3D Charts with WebChart

Whether displaying a chart derived from cached data, streaming data, or complex data sources; ComponentOne WebChart™ provides rich design-time support that allows you to create stunning effects without leaving the design surface.
- Ensure Data Integrity with Input

ComponentOne Input™ has robust client-side validation for data types. By replacing standard text boxes with our input controls you can drastically improve your data integrity without writing a single line of code.

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